4th PSG’s Minutes

This 4th session of RENAISSANCE’s PSG webpage contains:
1/ The 4th PSG Agenda;
2/ The minutes (bullet points) of the 4th PSG;
3/ The final version of RENAISSANCE Consortium Agreement, in English -Original version- & in French (translation)

See below the relevant documentation, to be downloaded :

Agenda 4th session of PSG
PDF - 60.8 kb
4th PSG Minutes (summary) under a ppt Presentation
PowerPoint - 1 Mb
4th PSG Presentation
Consortium Agreement (CA)
CA’s English version (Original)
PDF - 353.5 kb
CA’s French version (transl)
PDF - 334.4 kb

JPEG - 61.9 kb
4th PSG Discussion
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23 February 2015
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