Airtightness trainings

Airtightness trainings

Abstract :

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June 2010

As part of the training activities of the CONCERTO-RENAISSANCE programme, ALE and AREF Rhône-Alpes (financial partner) created a training session on «Airtightness» targeted to trainers from building training centres in June 2010. This first training session was organized in partnership with IFBTP Rhône-Alpes (financial and administrative partner), AFPA Lyon-Sud (training centre) and the real estate developer Bouwfonds-Marignan (Block B).

This training session aimed at helping trainers to include as soon as possible airtightness topics in their own training sessions in order to anticipate the next French thermal regulations.

Trainers attented a 3 days training (20 hours) divided in 7 sessions:
- Session 1 : Energy context and issues
- Session 2 : Airtightness issues in the building process
- Session 3 : Airtightness and techniques
- Session 4 : Blower door airtightness test
- Session 5 : Materials
- Session 6 : Exterior insulation
- Session 7 : Integration in continuing education curriculum for adults

The teaching sequences, specifications and technical requirements on different topics such as airtightness, external insulation solution are now available. The main target group is trainers of building training centres.

To download:

Programme and evaluation of the training sessions
Preliminary Assessment (in English)
PDF - 318.4 kb
List of the pedagogic tools (in French)
PDF - 42.4 kb
Description of the training sessions (in French)
PDF - 387.2 kb
Assessment of the training sessions (in French)
PDF - 404.2 kb

All following documentations and presentations are in French

Sessions PTT presentations
Session 1 : Low energy consumption buildings applying the future 2012 French thermal regulation (ALE)
PDF - 1.3 Mb
Session 2 : Airtightness issues in the building process: quality at stake! (CETE)
PDF - 916.8 kb
Session 3 : Airtightness and techniques of insulation implementation (Atelier Roche)
PDF - 2.8 Mb
Session 4 : Blower door airtightness test and airtightness implementation processes (Energie Positive)
PDF - 3.1 Mb

For information about other sessions, please contact ALE :

Other Publications on Airtightness
Technical report on airtightness_ALE (in French)
PDF - 702.9 kb
Guide on airtightness_RAEE (in French)
PDF - 1.3 Mb
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