Monitoring Methodology in Grand Lyon

Description of the methodology used for monitoring high energy performance large residential and tertiary buildings

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Executive summary:

Author: Olivier Sidler (ENERTECH)

October 2010

The objective of the monitoring campaign is to evaluate in a detailed way the energy performances of the block A built in the framework of the RENAISSANCE project (CONCERTO European Program in Lyon Confluence). The present document describes the monitoring methodology used in 3 sections of estate of Lyon Confluence, and in particular the objectives, the type of devices used and type of measured flows. The 3 sections are to amount to approximately 78 000 square meters, of which 77 percent are for 660 dwellings and the rest a vast commercial area composed of offices and shops.

The monitoring campaign, conceived and implemented by the energy consultant office ENERTECH, covers all energy uses, air quality, system characteristics, and hygrothermal comfort. In addition, it encompasses surveys on occupants’ behavior in the space, such as length and frequency of utilization of certain equipments. The ultimate goal is clearly to gain knowledge how well are implemented measures able to reduce energy demand, in view of modifying the design and global operation of high energy performance buildings so as to improve their actual energy performances.

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