Milano meeting : State of progress

This sub-section contains the state of progress that has been registered by each RENAISSANCE communities since late October 2006.

Progress from Oct. 2006- July 2007 Title Speaker (Org.) Download
Zaragoza’s Presentation
ZAR progress WP1 Sergio Díaz de Garaio (UdZ)
PowerPoint - 36.9 Mb
ZAR progress WP2 Sergio Díaz de Garaio (UdZ)
PowerPoint - 9.6 Mb
ZAR progress WP3 Juan Rubio del Val (SMRUZ)
PowerPoint - 28.6 Mb
ZAR progress WP4 Marisa Campillos (Ayto. Zaragoza)
PowerPoint - 2 Mb
ZAR progress WP5 Alicia Lafuente (ECODES)
PowerPoint - 1.5 Mb
Lyon’s Presentation
LYON progress WP0 Odile Charvin (Grand Lyon)
PowerPoint - 553 kb
LYON progress WP1 Christophe Ménenzo (INSA)
PowerPoint - 1.1 Mb
LYON progress WP2 Christophe Ménenzo (INSA)
PowerPoint - 1.5 Mb
LYON progress WP3 Maxime Valentin (SEM Confuence)
PowerPoint - 5.5 Mb
LYON progress WP4 Elise Dinale (Hespul)
PowerPoint - 3.8 Mb
LYON progress WP5 Samir Boukhalfa (ALE)
PowerPoint - 974 kb
Lombardia’s Presentation
LOM progress WP1 Gabriele Boccasile (LOM)
PowerPoint - 29.7 Mb
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