Energy Policy, Planning, Research and Development (WP1.1)

Description of Work Package 1.1. objectives

Full Project Objectives :

Objectives 2 years’ programme (End 2007)

• To exploit the unique opportunities innovation in terms of political policy and planning presented by a demonstration project of this scale.
• To transform the one-off the benefits demonstration experience into municipal policy, regulation and practice, thus ensuring immediate replication of the results
• To develop specific proposals for the public and private sectors regarding improvements in energy and planning policy including pilot applications within the project. This is a unique possibility of a project of this type with strong political commitment. The main development work will be condensed in a short period of time but incorporation into local policy is slow, thus the extension over time.
• To make the lessons learnt available to others via development of policy guidance notes in thus facilitating mainstream adoption and use of this innovation.

Description of work

• Analysis of the local, regional, national and EU energy and planning policy to identify barriers affecting RES and RUE as a basis to develop solutions to be tested.
• Define changes to planning and policy structures required to enhance energy performance and uptake of RES.
• Develop planning and policy guidance for RUE / RES for future action
• Experiment in Lyon a high level energy specification compulsory Chart applying to public projects and to private projects benefiting from public support, with a first step in housing (year 1) and a further extension to commercial building (year 2)
• Report on the experience in Lyon and on the feasibility of an adaptation of this approach to Zaragoza as well as to other Communities in France and abroad

Management overview

Local leaders
Community Lyon Lombardia Saragossa
Grand Lyon none Univ. ZAR (UdZ)
Leader contact:
Grand Lyon Béatrice COUTURIER
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An energy demonstration project supported by the European Commission (DG TREN), 6th Framework Programme
EU 6th
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