Eco Buildings: Definition and validation of Design Standards and Bids (WP1.2)

Description of Work Package 1.2. objectives

Full Project Objectives :

Objectives 5 years programme

• To provide detailed evaluation of best practice in the overall sustainability of the new buildings design, use and performance leading to recommendations and guidelines that can be used throughout the EU and to make recommendations for use with the Renaissance communities.
• To undertake advanced energy evaluations of key building types by means of dynamic simulation in order to certify the predicted energy demand and consumption. Parameters evaluated will be energy consumption aspects, environmental impact and comfort.
• To address all phases of the build process from planning, site and building design, construction and life-time operation. The results will be used as a basis for setting future energy efficiency standards in the local buildings sector and for onwards replication and to contribute to the development of energy certification of buildings in line with EU directives.

Description of work

• Analysis of the local, regional, national and EU Eco Building design standards as a basis to develop solutions to be tested. Explore dimensions of sustainability in design, quality control and performance.
• Develop specifications for urban design and buildings: energy networks, building positioning, passive solar gain/protection, insulation, ventilation, lighting.
• During the first year of the project influence design work within the communities.
• Develop guidance and performance indicators for future replication.
• Other activities will follow throughout the project, integrated with other WPs as performance data becomes available and analysis of achievement of potential and accuracy of design standards can be made.
• The results of this analysis will provide input to dissemination and training activities (WP4 and WP5).

Management overview

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23 February 2015
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