Commercial & Fiscal solutions (WP1.4)

Description of Work Package 1.4. objectives

Full Project Objectives :

Objectives 3 years programme

• To identify and develop unusual or innovative schemes for co-financing RUE and/or RES additional costs so as to make them painless for final users.
• To undertake research and development work to establish innovative commercial and fiscal mechanisms to underpin the creation of local energy services and so provide a flexible and sustainable approach to the local provision and distribution of electricity, heating and cooling.
• To advance towards biomass co-gen plant in Zaragoza by analysis and international knowledge exchange.

Description of work

• Review existing and available support mechanisms for co-financing RUE and RES additional costs, including assessment of the potential for development support schemes for RUE and RES technologies e.g. feed in laws, green certificate schemes, energy taxation.
• Review strategic approaches and the various models of energy services company (ESCo) development in Europe including an assessment of the organisational, regulatory and business environment and analysis of business models, nature of consumer demand and position, with view to inform the development of local solutions for the partnership in France, Spain an Italy.
• Study the feasibility of developing innovative commercial and fiscal solutions for investment and operation of RUE and/or RES, based on national/regional/local context in view of their replication across EU.
• Feasibility study of the proposed Zaragoza biomass co-gen plant with ESCo development as an integrated factor.

Management overview

Local leaders
Community Lyon Lombardia Saragossa
ex-SEM/SPLA Lyon Confluence LOM URBIC
Leader contact:
Urbic Juan Carlos PERICAS
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23 February 2015
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